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Located in South Newbury Village, just off State route 103, the South Newbury Union Church gathers for worship, learning, fellowship, and service to our community and the world. 

Our Covenant: 

Our ancestors were called together to be God's people.  Grateful for their faithful witness and this heritage, relying on God's everlasting grace, we the South Newbury Union Church family covenant together to be God's people in this place and in our time.  We dedicated ourselves to the worship and service of Almighty God as it is revealed by Holy Scripture and in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.


We covenant to walk together in all God's ways, with all God's people; to honor and respect one another as a caring family; to welcome all who enter our sanctuary and to live in love and charityw ith our families and our neighbors.  We fruther covenant to be stewards of the gifts of nature that God has given to us; to be faithful in the worship, action, and support of this church, freely giving of our time, treasure, and talents.  We expect the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in our midst. 

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