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Ways to give

Our ministry depends on donations from members and friends.  We are deeply grateful for your support. 

Our ongoing expenses are covered by our general fund.  A check to "SNUC" supports the basic ministry  of our church. 


Our special mission projects are stewarded by our Diaconate Fund, which provides emergency assistance to neighbors in need, offers camp scholarships.  and supports special mission appeals. The Diaconate also runs the food pantry and distributes Market Basket gift cards (in lieu of a box of food) to needy families in our area for Thanksgiving and Christmas. A check to "SNUC Diaconate" supports these ministries. To help with the Holiday food "Basket" put "Food Pantry" on you check.

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We have a way for people to give electronically.  The process starts with completing the form accessed through the link below.  There is also a link to a document explaining the process.  If you are interested in this way of giving and have questions, email us through the address on the 'Contact' page. 

The link below takes you to 3 commitment cards (that's how they came to us, so that they could be copied)  Print them, cut out one, (give another to a friend) and send it to South Newbury Union Church, PO Box 37, Newbury, NH 03255.  Or bring it to Worship!

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Donate now!

Step 1:  select the fund to which you want to contribute, the frequency of your gift (one time is fine!) and the amount.  click "Next." 

Step 2: choose checking/savings account or credit card.  Complete the information.  You'll be setting up an account with Vanco, our online donation service, to which you can return to make donations to other funds at other times.  

(note: Vanco charges a fee for each transaction.  You may choose to give a bit more (.275% per credit card use) to cover that cost.  

Step 3:  Your gift is automatically sent to the designated fund.  

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