UKAMA -- deeper than partnership, broader than family

"Ukama" means partnership, or family relationship, in Shona, the predominant native language of Zimbabwe.  Along with 43 other United Churches of Christ in New Hampshire, we are partnered with a congregation in Zimbabwe.  Our partner is the Ivene Church in Gweru, a large city near the center of the country.  Our partnership began on October 19, 2013, when we were 'paired' with Ivene during the Ukama Fair, sponsored by the Ukama Committee of the New Hampshire Conference.

to see photos of food distribution made possible by our gifts

The pictures above are of the church building of the Ivene Congregation as of July, 2019.  The goal this year is to get the roof on the sanctuary.  The long red tiles are the roof; our financial support will pay for the trusses.  The small building to the right of the sanctuary is the future Youth Space, where the congregation currently worships.  

Scroll through the pictures below to see highlights on the visit to New Hampshire by a delegation of five people from the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe October 12 - 29 2018

To learn more about Ukama, check out the New Hampshire conference Ukama Web Site.  Click on the button below. 


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